First Meeting “Nanotechnologies and Sustainability”

October 30-31 2012, OSDE Foundation, Auditorium - City of Buenos Aires

03 Jul First Meeting “Nanotechnologies and Sustainability”

The Argentinean Foundation of Nanotechnology (FAN) will celebrate the first conference on “Nanotechnology and Sustainability” aimed at establishing the significant issues to work the regulation of social and environmental aspects of these new technologies.

The purpose of this first meeting is to contribute to the creation of norms and standards promoting relationship between government, researchers and industry. Thus, the Foundation seeks to integral sustainable development of nanotechnology, through the strengthening of technical and scientific bases that help developing new regulatory frameworks.

We support the initiative of the Argentinean Foundation of Nanotechnology because at AMEGA BIOTECH we understand the importance of social and environmental regulatory aspects related to the expansion of new technologies.

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